Aren’t All CPAs the Same? No. And Here’s Why.

Certified Public Accountants are everywhere. You can find excellent, well-qualified CPAs in your church, through your kids’ schools, or even hanging out in your neighborhood. You can call them up by the dozen on Google. Maybe you already work with one.

But if you don’t hire a CPA who specializes in the dental industry, you probably won’t get the best possible results.

Your CPA should never just be the “guy who does your taxes.” He or she should be someone you chat with several times a year to make sure you’re doing what’s best for your practice— especially when you’re considering a big decision.

You need that person to know dentistry—not just numbers. Nothing against your neighbor or your current CPA. They just don’t know dentistry
like a dental CPA, so they can’t ask the questions—and deliver the answers—that make your practice as profitable as it can be.