It’s Your Pie, You Should Get the Biggest Piece

We have simplified merchant processing for the dental industry. We don’t have confusing contracts and different fees per credit card provider. It’s all included in your simple transaction rate and 1 monthly fee.

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No Hidden Fees

You won’t find any surprising line items on your statement that hide fees you shouldn’t be paying. You will only incur the $50 monthly program fee.

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Patients Pay Processing Fees

If they decide the rewards on their card outweighs the cost of the cash discount, they will pay with a card.

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Support & Service

Includes processing terminal and implementation support, signage, and training/educational resources.

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Absolutely no early termination fees and/or penalties. Maintain your practice freedom.

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Our program provides peace of mind. No more worrying about skyrocketing merchant service fees.

We Save Dentists $9,500 On Average Per Year

Stop paying for your patient’s vacation. Keep more of your profits and grow your practice.

  • Fully Compliant: Legally share your processing fees with your patients. Our cash discount program is card compliant and in line with current federal regulations.
  • Full Service: Our solution includes compliance, card-brand management and unparalleled staff training, customer-facing marketing materials, and support.
  • Easy To Use: Our program leverages simplistic technology that keeps your practice in its’ current workflow while delivering all the advantages of cash discount.

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