Dental Alliances & Associations

  • AzDA Services

    Dental Card Services Alliance is pleased to support the Arizona Dental Association through participation in the The AzDA Services Endorsed Provider program. This is just one way Dental Card Services Alliance is able to demonstrates our commitment and support to AzDA member dentists and organized dentistry in Arizona.

    AZDA Services endorsed company
  • Cambridge Dental Practice Consultants

    Cambridge Dental Practice Consultants is one of the country’s leading dental practice management firms. They have helped hundreds of dentists transform their “cash poor” practices into prosperous offices. Using a combination of highly detailed dental office manuals alongside proven, customized dental practice management systems, Cambridge helps create a low stress office, allowing you to concentrate on delivering high quality dentistry.

    Cambridge Dental Practice Consultants
  • Crossroads Tax Advisors

    Crossroads Tax Advisors is an Indianapolis-based consultancy firm specializing in accounting and tax services for dentists. Crossroads Tax Advisors work exclusively in the dental industry, so we know the ins and outs of running a successful practice through accounting, tax preparation, consulting, and planning. We are always looking for ways to improve profitability with quality service providers like Dental Card Services.

    Crossroads Tax Services
  • Four Quadrants Advisory Companies, Inc.

    Four Quadrants Advisory is a private dental accounting and fee-only financial planning firm. Built from scratch by dental industry veterans, Four Quadrants helps dentists dramatically improve cash flow and increase savings for retirement – without increased productivity. As a firm that is always seeking top-notch services for our clients, Four Quadrants is proud to partner with Dental Card Services.

    Four Quadrants Advisory Companies, Inc.
  • Ken Rubin & Company, CPAs

    Ken Rubin & Company is a leading provider of CPA services for dentists in California and services dentists through the country. Founded by Ken Rubin, co-founder of the Academy of Dental CPA’s, the firm’s services are specifically designed for dentists. As a firm that is always looking for value-added recommendations for its’ clients, Ken Rubin & Company is proud to partner with Dental Card Services.

    Ken Rubin & Company, CPAs
  • The Kentucky Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

    Dental Card Services Alliance is pleased to support The Kentucky Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons through participation in the KSOMS Patrons’ Program as an endorsed provider of credit card processing services for participating oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Kentucky.

    The Kentucky Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons endorsed company
  • O’Neil & Associates

    O’Neil & Associates has been dedicated to strengthening your dental practice and improving the well-being of your patients for over 30 years. Our focus is on increasing referrals, boosting treatment acceptance, and improving patient compliance. Through consulting, seminars and innovative materials we aim to improve the key areas of practice growth and patient satisfaction.

  • OperaDDS

    OperaDDS is a cloud-based office communication system for dental practices that allows the user to seamlessly send messages between existing PCs, Macs and IOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch). Easy to set up and run, OperaPager is the perfect solution for clinic communication without the need to purchase new equipment or hire out installation.

  • Practice CFO

    PracticeCFO helps dental and medical practice owners achieve their personally authored definition of success. We do this through the efficient and integrated management of their finances with a single point of contact. Our services include business and personal financial planning, comprehensive tax management, accounting, and practice transition services.

    Practice CFO
  • Quality Dental Plan

    Quality Dental Plan has partnered with Dental Card Services to provide its members with a full-service program that allows DCS members to create their own in-house dental membership program, thereby increasing their ability to attract new patients and increase case acceptance.

    Quality Dental Plan
  • San Diego Health IT

    San Diego HIT is a leading provider of HIPAA Compliant IT services for Dentists. Founded by John A Zanazzi, the companies’ services are specifically designed for dentists. Technical issues can cause your practice to stop (costing you money), we respond quickly and efficiently to fix all your technical issues FAST, in a HIPAA complaint solution. As a firm that is always looking for value-added recommendations for its’ clients, San Diego HIT is proud to partner with Dental Card Services.

    San Diego Health IT
  • Synergy Dental Partners

    Synergy Dental Partners has partnered with Dental Card Services to provide its members access to Synergy’s group purchasing organization. Leveraging the purchasing power of independent dental practices, Synergy provides its members access to national supply contracts thereby leveling the playing field against larger corporations.

    Synergy Dental Partners
  • UnifiedSmiles

    UnifiedSmiles works to help independent dental providers stay independent – by providing its members with some of the same advantages as large corporate dental firms – without sacrificing their decision-making freedom. Positioned as an overhead reduction specialist, UnifiedSmiles helps its members lower their costs through exclusive pricing on top-brand supplies and services, concierge-level service from a dedicated member service team, specials from partner vendors, and even assistance for start-ups.

  • VivioSites

    Since 2009, VivioSites has operated with one goal in mind: get dental practices more new patients. VivioSites is a patient acquisition company that specializes in helping dental practices fill their empty operatories with the types of patients most beneficial to their practice.

    VivioSites utilizes multiple Google-friendly techniques and strategies to ensure patients are finding and making appointments with their clients. In order to match you with the right set of services, VivioSites spends time diagnosing your practice’s needs and competitive landscape.

    VivioSites’ suite of services takes care of every facet of your online marketing, from responsive website design to engaging your patients on social media, all within 5 business days and without any contracts.

    VivioSites Logo
  • Wallace Specialty Insurance Group

    Wallace Specialty Insurance Group, LLC has partnered with Dental Card Services to provide its members in the Southwest access to a single source for all of the insurance necessary to protect a dentist’s livelihood. Wallace Specialty Insurance Group is staffed by professionals who understand insurance as it relates to you and your practice.

  • Wilmington Design Company

    Dental Card Services Alliance, along with Wilmington Design Company (WDC), work together in delivering a variety of design service needs, including: dental websites, e-mail marketing, logos and branding, and other graphic design services like signage, business cards, letterhead and brochures.

    Wilmington Design Company

Are you a dental alliance or association interested in partering with us?

Does your state dental association or dental alliance provide value added services and/or solutions to dentists? Would you like to leverage the Dental Card Services Alliance to provide additional value to your constituents?