Synergy Dental Partners

Synergy Dental Partners

Synergy Dental Partners (Synergy) is a group purchasing organization dedicated to the dental industry. Synergy bands individual practices together and leverages their buying power in order to receive better pricing (same products, lower prices). Membership in our group purchasing organization is free and there is no required contract. The buying power of our members has allowed us to achieve savings with several suppliers in the dental industry. In some cases the savings are in excess of 50% off of retail pricing. Synergy is offering a cost structure for independent practices that was previously only available to large organizations. Please contact us today to take advantage of the savings for your practice.

Key Highlights include:

  • Membership is FREE and the discounts will come at no additional cost and no required contract for members.
  • Member professionals will have access to the same materials they currently use at discounted prices.
  • Synergy is continually negotiating discounts on other products practitioners use on a day to day basis.
  • Members will automatically receive discounts on these products without having to register.

Synergy is unique because it was founded and is owned by dental practitioners who have a unique understanding of what their peers are looking for. Synergy is NOT a third party distributor and does not inventory or ship dental supplies. Synergy simply structures cost savings agreements for our members. Members will continue to order through our partners, our partners will ship the products, and our partner will then invoice the member at the discounted Synergy rate.

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