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Synergy Dental Partners

Synergy Dental Partners is a group purchasing organization for dentists, owned and operated by two dental practitioners who have combined nearly five decades experience operating independent dental practices. Synergy negotiates pricing for dental supplies, implants, lab services and consulting services, as well as other relevant goods and services to help reduce practice overhead. Membership is FREE, and the discounts come at no additional cost with no required contract.

Synergy is not a third-party distributor and does not inventory or ship dental supplies. The company negotiates contracts with suppliers so that its members can pay the same or less than what larger group practices pay for the same supplies, and members order through Synergy’s dental supply partners.

By helping our dentists control overhead, Synergy aspires to keep its members competitive in an ever-changing environment where the fragmented nature of dentistry is working against independent practitioners. Synergy also accomplishes this is a business-as-usual approach for the practice, where utilizing Synergy’s services does not disrupt or change how its members do business.

Dental Card Services has been serving the credit card processing needs of Synergy Dental Partners members since 2013 and is the exclusive provider of merchant services to it’s members.

What you need to know about Synergy:

  • Co-founded and run by independent dental practitioners
  • No membership fee or contract
  • Same supplies, better pricing
  • Exceptional selection of dental suppliers
  • Nearly a dozen dental supply and lab partners