Dr. R. – Cosmetic Dentist

September 21st, 2010 by admin

Like many Dentists, I constantly struggle with keeping up with the non-essential tasks that come up on a daily basis.  There are always more pressing patient and/or office matters.  As a result, I never spent the time necessary to fully understand the credit card processing industry.  That is until I started noticing monthly compliance fees on my statement.  Not fully appreciating what was happening, I finally spent the time to get more informed on the industry.  In my discussions with Dental Card Services, I was able to learn a lot about the industry and fully-understand and appreciate why my practice was being grossly overcharged for our credit card processing service.  Dental Card Services was much more than a provider of processing services; they were a true business partner.  I now have a company that I feel like I can trust. Thank you for the time spent!

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