• As an Endodontist, I am incredibly dependent upon dental referrals from my colleagues.  The very nature of this relationship means I have to spend a lot of time marketing to my colleagues and trying to further differentiate myself to them versus the competition.  I also want  to be able to give back to my referrals and what better way to say thanks than to make an introduction to the Alliance.   The Alliance did such a great job with my service, an saved me a ton of money.  I’m excited to help my referring docs get signed up.  Thanks again…you guys are great.

    Dr. C. – Endodontist
  • I provide accounting services for Dental Practices.  I have filled out many applications over the years on behalf of my clients.  In dealing with Dental Card Services, I gained a much greater appreciation for the complexity and the value proposition the Alliance brings to the community.  The Alliance supports me in extending their service to my clients.  The best part is my clients appreciate the referrals…its not everyday you can provide them an easy solution to save thousands of dollars annually….especially when they are used to receiving invoices! 

    L. – CPA
  • I have always wondered why I couldn’t get the same pricing as the larger practices on credit card processing.  It was great to find out that Dental Card Services is a true Alliance, leveraging the collective power of all dentists to provide us the same low cost rate structures. Leave it to a fellow dentist to figure this out and and build a business to help us all.  Thanks for looking out for the little guy!

    K. – Office Manager
  • In reviewing our savings proposal with the Alliance they determined that not only was I overpaying due to the complicated tiered rate structure, I was also paying a lot more than what was spelled out in was my contract.  Evidently, the bank passed through a 1.00% price increase – they did it in the form of a footnote on my monthly statement (you know the one you just put in the file).  Over a year had passed without me ever noticing.  I really like the fact that the Alliance’s providers all provide cost plus pricing….with the “plus” being guaranteed for the life of the contract.

    Dr. J. – Pediatric Dentist
  • When I first met the guys at Dental Card Services I was skeptical to say the least.  I was on the Dental Association sponsored program and was confident I was getting great value.   After digging a little deeper into my current program, I found out that not only was I paying more,  but that my statements were done to obscure my true processing costs.  I called the provider (at the suggestion of the Alliance) and asked for a cost-plus quote to compare.  Would you believe they wouldn’t provide me one….told me my business wasn’t big enough and that the organization did not have one they could offer.  After seeing the savings analysis from Dental Card Services,  I now know why.  Thanks DCSA for taking care of our own.  I wish all Alliances and Associations would do the same.

    Dr. K. – Family Dentist
  • Dental Card Services presented me my savings analysis and I was happy to see annual savings in excess of $3,500 a year by switching merchant processors.  Prior to switching, they guys at DCSA suggested I contact my existing provider to determine my early termination penalty.  Despite repeated calls, I never could get a return call.  I finally found a copy of our contract and saw that the processor had put in an $2,500 early termination penalty.  I was stuck until  the contract ended.  I tried to provide notice per the contract that we were going to switch, but they once again refused to return my calls.  They waited until the notice period expired, then called me back.  Suffice it to say, thanks to Dental Card Services I had my attempts to contact them well documented.  As such, they released me from any renewal obligations….but I did have to wait three months for my contract to expire.  The Alliance went above and beyond in helping through this process.

    Dr. M. – Family Dentist
  • As an endodontic practice, we typically have patients that only show up once or twice.  Historically, we have had an issue with bad checks and bad debt.  By switching to the Dental Card Services Alliance, we were able to combine credit card processing at great rates with electronic check guarantee and conversion.  Now we have full confidence that we will be paid for our services and are able to free up a lot of valuable time from debt collection to treating more patients.  Thanks guys…really appreciate the great service!

    Dr. B. – Endodontist
  • We typically get calls twice a week inviting us to switch our credit card processing.  The calls are often followed up by misleading quotes and summary proposals that hide fees and do not provide an accurate overview of the total cost of processing.  Dental Card Services Alliance and their detailed statement analysis is a breath of fresh air.  Their comprehensive analysis provides a line by line review of our current statement, actual interchange costs, and processor costs.  This great side by side comparison enabled us to see actually what the savings were and where they would come from.   After switching we went back a month later and their savings analysis was right on.  We were actually on track to save the $2,300 they had projected.  Nice job….happy customer!  

    Dr. A. – Family Dentist
  • It’s great to save money.  It’s great to save time.  It’s great to have a better understanding of what you are actually paying for.  But it is even greater to do so while giving back to the Community.  We switched to Dental Card Services because they are founded and operated by a dentist….and they care!  We were equally impressed by the fact that they contribute a portion of their revenues to Dental charities.  Keep it up!

    Dr. C. – Adult Dentist
  • As with any provider, you always hear about their great customer service.  Typically, once the contract is signed you can never find them.  Not Dental Card Services.  Not only do their processors actually answer the phones but so do they.  We had a small issue where our patient’s own banks were not properly displaying our information on their statements.  We were getting charge-backs when our patients got their statement because they didn’t recognize our name on the statement.   As a result, DCSA and the processor got involved and not only were able to get us a refund for the fees but were able to make operational suggestions that helped address the situation.  Quite refreshing to see a company go to bat when the issue was not even their. Thanks again for going above and beyond!

    S. – Office Manager
  • As a Doctor with a highly successful practice and good credit score, I couldn’t appreciate why were put through the same process as your every day merchant.  Dental Card Services customized applications that recognize our credit worthiness and low business risk are refreshing.  Not only was the process streamlined and non-intrusive, it was incredibly quick.  Our application was submitted in the morning and approved that afternoon.  We were able to switch over the next day and start saving.  Great process, thanks for taking the time to make it easy and quick. 

    Dr. C. – Endodontist
  • Like many Dentists, I constantly struggle with keeping up with the non-essential tasks that come up on a daily basis.  There are always more pressing patient and/or office matters.  As a result, I never spent the time necessary to fully understand the credit card processing industry.  That is until I started noticing monthly compliance fees on my statement.  Not fully appreciating what was happening, I finally spent the time to get more informed on the industry.  In my discussions with Dental Card Services, I was able to learn a lot about the industry and fully-understand and appreciate why my practice was being grossly overcharged for our credit card processing service.  Dental Card Services was much more than a provider of processing services; they were a true business partner.  I now have a company that I feel like I can trust. Thank you for the time spent!

    Dr. R. – Cosmetic Dentist
  • Our practice was introduced to the alliance a few months back and didn’t think much of it until we got a letter from my bank saying our software was no longer PCI Compliant??  I wasn’t entirely sure what they were referring to, and that they wanted to know what I was going to do to solve the problem in the next 21 days.  Well, we called Dental Card Services and in 5 minutes they were on the job.  They solved our problem (actually simplified our operation), saved us almost $6,000 a year, and were able to get it done within a few days.  Great sevice.  Thanks a million guys!

    Dr. B. – General Dentist
  • When Dental Card Services called to introduce their Alliance; I was inclined to listen as I try to support the profession where possible.  When I heard they were calling about credit card processing I wasn’t as enthusiastic.  Our last experience was not great as the installation took forever and my staff spent considerable time reprogramming their equipment.  When the Alliance presented their savings and their full service equipment program I was very interested.  Not only did we get the equipment at wholesale costs, but the new terminal and pin pad came fully encrypted, programmed, tested, and operational.  It was truly plug and play..we just took it out of the box and plugged it in.  I would highly recommend to all my colleagues switching to Dental Card Services Alliance.  With what we are used to paying for small dental equipment, take advantage of their new equipment option….it was a no-brainer.  So glad we found your company!

    Dr. J. – Pediatric Dentist
  • We are a large Orthodontic practice with 2 locations.  As Orthodontists, our patients are typically set up with payment plans that charges their credit card on a monthly basis.  When we restructured the loan on our building with a local bank, we switched our processing.  My banker assured me that he was giving us a great deal based on our high credit card volume.  I believed him because the loan terms that he was giving me were very fair.  Much to my surprise, Dental Card Services Alliance was able to save us $10,000 a year with no out of pocket investment.    Taking the time to sign the application was the best 5 minutes I ever spent.  Thanks! You guys are the best!

    Dr. M. – Orthodontist
  • I pride myself on knowing the fine details of all our business services.  Credit Card Processing was always a challenge as our previous provider utilized a statement that obscured our true processing costs.   Each month, I would contact them to walk through the statement so I could reconcile the different charges.  With Dental Card Services Alliance, we not only get cost plus pricing saving a lot of money each year we also get a much simpler way of doing business.  Each month, my statement clearly breaks out my processing costs.  The savings were great but I sure do appreciate getting that time back.  Thanks, Dental Card Services.

    B. – Office Manager
  • When Dental Card Services contacted me I was a little skeptical.  I had been processing with my bank for almost 10 years and was confident that my trusted partner was taking good care of me.  They set me up with a merchant processing account when I first launched my practice as part of their value added service.  Little did I know they their value added service was costing me over $5,000 a year in above excessive fees…hard to imagine that favor cost me $50,000 over the last 10 years.

    Dr. B. – General Dentist
  • Before I spoke with Dental Card Services Alliance, I assumed that I was getting a pretty good deal with my previous credit card processing company.  After sending in two monthly statements, they sent me a very simple analysis comparing the fees I had been paying to their fees and I was amazed at how much of a difference there was.  I decided to switch companies and the transition couldn’t have been easier.  It took only a few minutes to convert the new equipment and I didn’t have to do a thing.  I’m looking forward to significant savings in my processing fees this year.  Plus, the customer service from these guys has been fantastic.  I think the Alliance is a great idea!

    Dr. H. – Endodontist