Date: November 21, 2016

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Charlotte, NC: November 2016- Dental Card Services was originally selected as the exclusive credit card processing provider for Dental Product Shopper in November 2014.

Dental Card Services was selected as the exclusive provider after a comprehensive evaluation and due diligence process. This unique membership program is designed to maximize value for subscriber dentists.

“We are excited to add Dental Card Services as our exclusive provider of credit card processing services.  The program they have put together is ideal for our subscribers and we look forward to many years of mutual success.”

“We are honored to be chosen by Dental Product Shopper and offer such a critical service to the members.  Our entire team looks forward to serving the members of Dental Product Shopper for many years to come.”

The concept of Dental Product Shopper is based on direct feedback from oral health professionals. In 2007, 10,000 dentists and hygienists were asked a simple question: How do you decide which products to incorporate into your practices? Two influencers rated consistently in the top 4: peer recommendations and product reviews.

Based on this input, the staff at Integrated Media Solutions developed a protocol to have your peers evaluate and review products within their practices. This process provides readers with practical information about new products they might want to bring into their practices.

Unlike other publications that review products for the profession, they are not paid by manufacturers to evaluate their products, nor do they pay the dental professionals who perform the evaluations.

About Dental Card Services Alliance, LLC:

Dental Card Services helps partners save money on merchant processing. Typical service plans are designed to hide actual costs associated with credit card processing.

Dental Card Services provides practices with merchant processing plans that include transparent fees, allowing practices to calculate bottom line savings. All of our members receive transparent, interchange cost-plus credit card processing programs and wholesale equipment pricing.For more information, please call 1-866-472-1214, email us:, or visit