Harnessing the Profitability of Payments

Global payments revenue is a ~$2 trillion dollar industry. New value creation point has emerged in the payments industry: the role of platform integrators. Platform integrators use payments as the cornerstone of a broader integrated offering built around value-added software-as-a-service businesses tailored to specific segments.

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Leading Provider To Independent Dentists

Highest rated provider and exclusive provider to AGD (2nd Largest in N.A.)

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Wholesale Payments Platform

Reduce the cost to process payments for platform.

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Co-Branded Card Processing Programs

Exclusive pricing & plans and a lifetime customer residual income stream.

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Improved Payments Integration Capabilities

Integrates Dental Card Services into core software platforms providing an integrated processing solution.

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Dental Practice Management Expertise

Leverage dental industry subject matter expertise & market access.

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Value Capture PASS

Lifetime customer residual income stream from payment processing.

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