How Dental Practices Can Start Thinking ‘Lean’

Dental Product Shopper
March 3, 2019

By implementing lean, dentists can reduce wasteful elements of the practice while increasing the focus on value-added processes.

The Dental Drilldown: Patient Financing Programs 101

Dental Economics
October 18, 2018

One to greatly improve case acceptance is by offering affordable financing options to put proper care within reach of every patient.

Dental Card Services (Peer to Peer): Q&A….True Costs of Credit Card Processing

Dental Product Shopper
October 3, 2018

At its core, Dental Card Services was founded as a group purchasing organization and consultancy with an exclusive focus on dentistry.

The Dental Drilldown: Dental Group Purchasing Organizations 101

Dental Economics
September 18, 2018

GPOs help independent practice owners create a more level playing field by giving them access to the benefits of operating at a large scale.

Dental Card Services (Peer to Peer): Why I Use….

Dental Product Shopper
September 8, 2018

Dr. Bryan Laskin signed up for DCS. It’s a decision he’s never looked back on. Why? Value, transparency, and service.

The Dental Drilldown: Dental Membership Plans 101

Dental Economics
July 18, 2018

Doctors and patients have looked for alternatives to sidestep the insurance companies. That’s where dental membership plans come in.

The Importance of Getting Business Names and Tax IDs Correct on Documents

The Progressive Dentist
July 7, 2018

When starting up a new practice, a dentist is faced with many important decisions – everything from finding a lender, location, staff, and choosing suppliers and equipment.

Are You Unknowingly Delaying Retirement?

Dental Product Shopper
May 18, 2018

While dentists plan to eventually retire, many may be unaware of the everyday business practices that can work against their plans.

Early Termination Fees

The Progressive Dentist
May 18, 2018

Are Early Termination Fees fair business practice or a great way to lock customers into high costs and bad service?

Aren’t All CPAs the Same? No. And Here’s Why.

The Progressive Dentist
November 28, 2015

If you don’t hire a CPA who specializes in the dental industry, you probably won’t get the best possible results.

Are Credit Card Processing Fees Cutting Into Your Profits?

The Progressive Dentist
April 15, 2015

When working with our clients, we take a proactive approach to lowering their overhead by overturning every stone as a part of the process.