Crossroads Tax Advisors
Crossroads Tax Advisors Crossroads Tax Advisors is an Indianapolis-based consultancy firm specializing in accounting and tax services for dentists. Crossroads Tax Advisors work exclusively in the dental industry, so we know the ins and outs of running a successful practice through accounting, tax preparation, consulting, and planning. We are always looking for ways to improve profitability with quality service providers like Dental Card Services. Read More
Dental Accounting Pros
Dental Accounting Pros Headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, serving dentists nationwide, Dental Accounting Pros is a fast growing accounting services firm that specializes in bookkeeping, tax & business advisory. Our mission is to help as many dentists as we can become successful in the business of dentistry. We provide full service bookkeeping, tax services and business advisory for dental practice owners so that they can better monitor, manage and improve their operating performance and profitability. We are your Dental Accounting Pros. Read More
Ken Rubin & Company, CPAs
Ken Rubin & Company, CPAs Ken Rubin & Company is a leading provider of CPA services for dentists in California and services dentists through the country. Founded by Ken Rubin, co-founder of the Academy of Dental CPA’s, the firm’s services are specifically designed for dentists. As a firm that is always looking for value-added recommendations for its’ clients, Ken Rubin & Company is proud to partner with Dental Card Services. Read More
PracticeCFO PracticeCFO helps dental and medical practice owners achieve their personally authored definition of success. We do this through the efficient and integrated management of their finances with a single point of contact. Our services include business and personal financial planning, comprehensive tax management, accounting, and practice transition services. Read More