Dental Product Shopper
Dental Product Shopper Dental Product Shopper is a fully integrated print and digital media platform dedicated to bringing in-depth product information to the dental profession. We strive to help clinicians make informed purchasing decisions by relying on the real-world experiences of their peers expressed in our product evaluations. Read More
San Diego Health IT
San Diego Health IT San Diego HIT is a leading provider of HIPAA Compliant IT services for Dentists. Founded by John A Zanazzi, the companies’ services are specifically designed for dentists. Technical issues can cause your practice to stop (costing you money), we respond quickly and efficiently to fix all your technical issues FAST, in a HIPAA complaint solution. As a firm that is always looking for value-added recommendations for its’ clients, San Diego HIT is proud to partner with Dental Card Services. Read More
VivioSites Dedicated to helping the independent dentist grow practice revenue, Viviosites is a digital marketing company with over 10 years of experience finding more new dental patients for our clients. With deep knowledge of mobile-friendly website design, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media management, our marketing experts have helped independent dentists across the country build bigger, stronger, more profitable dental practices. Read More
Wallace Specialty Insurance Group
Wallace Specialty Insurance Group Wallace Specialty Insurance Group, LLC has partnered with Dental Card Services to provide its members in the Southwest access to a single source for all of the insurance necessary to protect a dentist’s livelihood. Wallace Specialty Insurance Group is staffed by professionals who understand insurance as it relates to you and your practice. Read More