Dental Card Services (Peer to Peer): Q&A….True Costs of Credit Card Processing

Question: How can Dental Card Services save a dental practice money?

Answer: At its core, Dental Card Services was founded as a group purchasing organization and consultancy with an exclusive focus on dentistry. There were 3 simple founding principles: The first was to leverage the collective buying power of our constituency and market position to extract pricing, terms, and conditions that were for the most part unavailable to independent practitioners. The second was to provide complete transparency in a market that was designed to obscure the true costs and markups. And the third was to provide unparalleled service by being the larger voice for the practice in correcting issues that inevitably arise. These issues include eliminating nuisance agreements like terminal leases as well as early termination fees that ultimately lock you into a single processing relationship, which often, results in your practice paying fees way above market.