Dental Card Services (Peer to Peer): Why I Use….

Dental Card Services helps partners save money on merchant processing. While typical service plans have been known to hide actual costs associated with credit card processing, DCS provides transparent, interchange cost-plus credit card processing programs and wholesale equipment pricing. After being introduced to DCS by a fellow CEREC owner in 2012, Dr. Bryan Laskin did his due diligence and signed up later that year. It’s a decision he’s never looked back on. The reason, he says, is simple: value, transparency, and service.

The other aspect of their service is they are the first to admit they aren’t perfect. However, when there has been an issue—and it’s been rare—they have immediately jumped on it and gotten it rectified.

In the end, it’s about their commitment to dentistry. They get the industry. They get the challenges we are facing, and they are here for us. Your practice may not need the help, but take my word for it, it's worth taking 15 minutes to find out for sure—they will be the first to tell you if you are good as is.