Date: August 24, 2016

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Charlotte, NC: August 24, 2016- Dental Card Services is pleased to be celebrating the completion of its fifth year as an endorsed provider for Credit Card Processing through AzDA Services, Inc. (AzDA Perks), the for-profit subsidiary of The Arizona Dental Association.  Dental Card Services was selected as an endorsed provider after a comprehensive evaluation and due diligence process in August 2011.

Dental Card Services developed this membership program in partnership with AzDA Perks to maximize value for member dentists, to drive participation, and to give back to the association.

“Arizona Dental Association Services has been a model association for Dental Card Services.  Our shared vision in “member’s first” is reinforced daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in our affiliation.  We are proud of what we have mutually achieved in servicing the member dentists and look forward to many more years of success in delivering unparalleled value, service and transparency to this group.”

Established in 1909, The Arizona Dental Association (AzDA), an affiliate of The American Dental Association (ADA), is a non-profit professional organization that represents 2,450 dentists statewide, which is approximately 70 percent of all licensed and practicing dentists in the state. AzDA provides valuable pre-screening of products and services such as; companies that provide business consulting, insurance, etc. through AzDA Perks, a wholly owned subsidiary of AzDA.

About Dental Card Services Alliance, LLC:

Dental Card Services helps partners save money on merchant processing. Typical service plans are designed to hide actual costs associated with credit card processing.

Dental Card Services provides practices with merchant processing plans that include transparent fees, allowing practices to calculate bottom line savings. All of our members receive transparent, interchange cost-plus credit card processing programs and wholesale equipment pricing.For more information, please call 1-866-472-1214, email us:, or visit