Date: June 30, 2016

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Charlotte, NC: June 30, 2016- Dental Card Services is pleased to announce that it is now serving dentists throughout the United States with the recent addition of member practices in Alaska and Hawaii.

Dental practices across the U.S. have now taken advantage of Dental Card Services complimentary credit card service evaluation.  This evaluation includes a detailed analysis of an individual practices program to determine the actual costs, opportunities for process improvement and cost reduction potential through other alternative programs. Over the past 6 years while Dental Card Services has provided this complimentary service, this analysis has delivered savings to the dental practice over 99% of the time.  Members that have chosen to move forward have experienced on average, a 30% reduction in their monthly credit card processing fees, with an average annual savings of $3,145.

“As a business that usually receives clients through word of mouth referrals, we are happy to have expanded throughout all 50 states.  We look forward to deepening our engagement in each state through partnerships with other trusted services providers (e.g. CPA firms) that share our vision of providing excellent service, value and transparency to our mutual customers.”

About Dental Card Services Alliance, LLC:

Dental Card Services helps partners save money on merchant processing. Typical service plans are designed to hide actual costs associated with credit card processing.

Dental Card Services provides practices with merchant processing plans that include transparent fees, allowing practices to calculate bottom line savings. All of our members receive transparent, interchange cost-plus credit card processing programs and wholesale equipment pricing.For more information, please call 1-866-472-1214, email us:, or visit